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Car Lovers' Paradise in California! Live in Luxury Right on the Racetrack

Thermal Club Racing California Commercial Real Estate

Auto racing fans, start your engines. A luxury villa built at the Thermal Racing Club in Thermal, CA, is on the market for $3.6 million.

If the thought of living next to a racetrack elevates your pulse, this is the place for you. Built in 2018, the modern residence is part of a members-only car racing club. While private clubs for car racing exist around the country, this one lets you live among fellow members and auto aficionados.

The concept is similar to homes on golf courses—but just substitute spark plugs for 7-irons.

There's a catch, however. Only members of the Thermal Club can buy a home here. With initiation fees of nearly $100,000 and annual dues around $15,000, it's not cheap. But this spot in the Southern California desert might be the closest car lovers come to nirvana.

“This is a total car enthusiast place,” says listing agent Coralyn Wahlberg. “All the homes are built around three separate racetracks that collectively have 5 miles of track. It’s extensive.”

The track-side residence up for sale is impressive. The contemporary home consists of two side-by-side living quarters. The owners built the custom home for their son, former Disney actor and current professional race car driver Drake Kemper.

Luxury villa in the Thermal Club Califoania Real Estate

Luxury villa in the Thermal Club

Thermal Club California Deck Real Estate

Deck connecting the main and guest units

Thermal Club Racing Living and Dining Area

Living and dining area

Thermal Club Racing California Open Kitchen Real Estate

Open kitchen

Thermal Club Racing California Real Estate Master Suite

Master suite

Garage - Thermal Club Racing California Real Estate

Garage for up to 26 cars

Racetrack - Thermal Club Racing California Real Estate

Racetrack right around the corner

Like a sports car, the home itself is finely tuned. The current configuration allowed Kemper's parents to stay in their own unit when they visited. Both living quarters share a large deck overlooking the racetrack, and feature walls of glass that open to the outdoors.

“Everything is top-notch,” says Wahlberg. She notes that Kemper even had queen-size bunk beds installed for his friends to crash in comfort.

While Kemper is training, he “runs the course every day,” Wahlberg says. But since most of his races tend to be on the East Coast, the family compound isn’t getting much use. So it’s now waiting for a new buyer to race in.

About two hours from Los Angeles and close to a regional airport, the car-centric compound offers a total of five bedrooms and eight baths. The 12,317-square-foot layout includes a three-bedroom owner’s unit on one side, and a two-bedroom guest unit across the way. The garage takes up the entire ground level.

Available furnished, both units include open living and dining areas, modern kitchens and baths, and desert and mountain views.

Accessible by elevator or stairs, the double-height garage can hold 26 cars and comes equipped with two car lifts, an office, and storage.

Overlooking the garage is a mezzanine with a lounge and views of the track, plus a bathroom and a gym.

The club house offers a restaurant and bar, a car service station, and a large patio to watch the action on the track. Off the track, you can practice your golf game on two putting greens, or try your hand at go-karting. Club employees are available to provide pointers, race-prep your cars, and maintain your ride.

But when you’re ready to take your car out for a spin, the track is right around the corner.

“This is an adult playground,” Wahlberg says. Vroom-vroom.

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