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Akbarnama In Urdu 12.pdf




10-Oct-2016 Chapter IX. Kings and Chronicles The. Mughal Court Books:. Historical Text of Mughals: Akbar Nama and. 1-Jun-2016 अख्तर नामांका तांबाने ६५०-१०० सालकात दशाती च्या नाहीत कथाकथा मुलगी हा कथा तुझी ही सांगत नाही । 1-Jun-2016 Urdu is based on Persian and Avestan language. It is known as Urdu after its speaker Mohammad Tughlaq. He was the ruler of the Sultanate of Tughlaq dynasty. Akbarnama in Urdu is an epic chronicle of Akbar. Written in the seventeenth century by Abu'l-Fazl, it tells the story of Akbar's.The invention relates generally to a semiconductor device having a plurality of integrated circuits (IC) which is formed on a silicon substrate, and more particularly to a semiconductor device which is fabricated by mounting a plurality of IC chips on an insulated substrate which has a ground plane formed at the underside thereof. A packaged IC chip, formed of an LSI, is conventionally mounted on a printed circuit board, and packaged with a lead frame. The packaged chip is mounted on the printed circuit board, and connected to a circuit provided on the printed circuit board. The printed circuit board having the packaged chip mounted thereon is connected to other printed circuit boards through a connector. The lead frame is molded with resin such as epoxy resin. In the printed circuit board, a wiring pattern is formed on an insulating substrate by printing. The printed circuit board is also made of insulating material such as epoxy resin. The printed circuit board, which is a large-sized substrate, has a number of connection pads for mounting the packaged chip thereon. These connection pads are connected to the wiring pattern of the printed circuit board through a connector. The conventional printed circuit board is,




Akbarnama In Urdu 12.pdf
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